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Why Make A Fashion Suite In Your Basement

Do you ever watch celebrities on television and envy their glamorous lives? Even if not all of it, maybe just the part where stars get to dress up with much ceremony and panache. Who wouldn’t like to have a bit of glitz and glamour in their life that is generally only associated with the fashion sphere? While a common practice in the glamour world, picking out clothing articles from metal rails and trying them on in front of full-length mirrors under strikingly bright lights is a foreign yet desirable idea for laypeople.

But sadly, not many people get to experience the over-the-top glam of the showbiz industry, for they don’t have the space to set up a fashion suite in their homes. And obviously, a person cannot run over to a beauty salon every time they have to get ready to go out, so they settle for the uninteresting way of dressing up that involves rummaging through a jumbled up wardrobe and throwing on the first garment that comes out. If you don’t want to go through the painfully uneventful dressing-up ritual and wish to add some pizzazz to your life, then convert your basement¬†into a fashion suite!

Before you turn down our suggestion for being too impractical, allow us to state some compelling arguments in our defense.

A Fun Utilization

The basement is generally used as a storage room in homes. People love to dump all the inessentials items in their underground cellar, wasting a perfectly usable space. Instead of cramming your basement with all the clutter in your home, why not use it for something more purposeful (read: fun)? The space underneath your home is sitting there, collecting dust while you have to ransack your wardrobe to find something decent to wear for work.

Increased Property Value

Aside from giving you a place to channel the diva in you, a basement fashion suite will also add value to your property. A finished basement¬†significantly boosts the curb appeal of an estate. This means you’d be able to quote much higher rates for your house should you choose to put it on the market for sale.

Another tempting benefit of having a walk-in closet in the basement is the license to strew your clothes anywhere you want without fear of anyone walking in and judging the mess. When all your clothing articles and accessories are in one place below the ground, you can tidy up the space whenever you want and not because someone might show up as nobody will venture into the basement unless they are asked to do so.

It Keeps The House Clean

How often do you find yourself collecting garments from all over the house for laundry? Quite often, right? We thought so too! You can reduce the miles you cover when picking up clothes from every room by making a basement fashion suite. When everyone dresses up in a particular place, the resulting mess will remain in one room. That’s not to say you allow everyone to use your in-home fashion suite as they please, but you can allocate some area in your mega styling room for everyone in order to keep the clothes-clutter limited.

So, are you ready now to make your basement into a fashion suite of sorts?