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How To Remodel Your Basement

Are you considering remodeling your basement? Perhaps, to add some more space or utilize it differently? Well, then you are in luck!

Basements are the least priority of repair when it comes to renovating a house; however, people willing to afford these repairs or who need to recreate a space as a work from home have basement finishing as a top priority.

Use of Basements In The History

Basements are not the invention of this century; instead, they belong to the old civilization architecture. The purpose of building them was to store either treasures or prisoners. The war prisoners or traitors to the throne were thrown into basement dungeons until they died while their corpses rotted in it.

Use of Basement Today

As opposed to what happened in the past, now basements are in almost every house, which are used for many purposes, such as an extra floor to live in, a storage area, an office, or even a different portion to rent out.

How To Remodel Your Basement

So, there are multiple things you can do in the basement, but some of the critical tips are supposed to be similar for all-purpose spaces like a basement. Here’s a list of things to do for remodeling a basement.

Step 1: Form a Plan

One cannot start without a plan for the basement; it is like a map that connects all utility systems to the main floor. Furthermore, it is a layout for which room will be located and where and how the ventilation system in the place should work. This includes the room separations as well, and you might need to submit the final layout design to get a permit.

Step 2: Clear Out The Old Junk

The next thing to do is clear out the space. If you have used the basement as storage space, you must throw away all the junk and put the valuable things in some other place. Even after the place is remodeled, the old items, if left in there, would not help the look.

Step 3: Check for Any Wetness in Walls, Flooring, or Ceiling

Another critical task is to check if there is some moisture in the walls, which could lead to leaks and cracks. The same goes for flooring in the basement too. The kitchen or bathroom ceiling on the opposite side of the ceiling must be checked for all kinds of leaks. The inspection is essential at the start because if there is any issue, it must be catered to immediately.

Step 4: Start With The Basics

The basics of renovation involve wiring, plumbing, waterproofing, and paneling of the basement, and for that, it is always a smart decision to hire a basement finishing company that could help in making the initial plan and installing all the necessary equipment required. This also includes getting the place insulated if you are going to use the space for a lot of sleep there.

Step 5: Flooring, Paint, and Finishing Touches

The basement finishing company completes the flooring you want and paints the walls. After the final touches to the structure, the basement is ready to get the furniture it needs.