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Turn Your Basement into a Dog Room

You might have read hundreds of home-planning guides to find out how you can put your basement in good use. There is no denying that the basement is the most neglected parts of the house, with homeowners failing to make the most of the area.

This is why, in many households, a basement is treated as a quasi storage unit. Your house is sufficient for your small family. Every family has a separate room so you don’t really need the basement for your everyday use.

Here is a fun way for putting your basement to good use. Have you ever considered converting your basement into a dog house? Your pet is also a member of your family. If you are convinced by this idea, let’s have a look at how you can create a dog room in your house.

1. Access the Area

Before you consider turning the basement into a dog room, thoroughly evaluate the location. You have to see if there is natural lighting available and access to outdoors and if the overall area is safe for the dog. If there are open electrical cords or circuit, try to cover them to ensure that your pet doesn’t harm himself.

2. The Size of the Room

If you have a big dog, he will need a large space to roam around. So, if you are considering to use the basement both as a storage unit and a dog’s room, assess whether the leftover space is enough for your dog and his toys and bed.

3. Fix the Room

Your pet needs to stay in cool and controlled temperature. If your basement is not in good shape, you should carry out repair work to bring into a liveable condition for your pet. It’s good if the basement has natural lighting. However, if there is no direct sunlight, you should install lights to replicate natural lighting in the room. Besides this, work on reducing the humidity of the basement. If you have a very wet basement, carry out necessary repair and maintenance work. This may include installing a draining system or sealing the foundation walls. Also, get a dehumidifier and use it during warmer months to keep the environment healthier for the pet.

4. Flooring

If there is no flooring in your basement, cover the area with viny floor matting. Don’t go with a carpet as the carpet will hold hair, dirt, and dander for long. In case of any ‘accidents’, the carpet will also hold the stain and odor for a long time. The best way is to go with a surface that you can mop easily.


Turning a basement into a home theatre unit or a man cave will be on list of almost everyone. But, you can give your house a unique touch by adding a room for your pet and keeping its toys and bed in one place.