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Why Should You Renovate the Basement Ceiling?

The basement is one space that you shouldn’t be overlooking. It has a lot of space that should be used properly. If your basement has unfinished ceilings or walls, it can make the entire room less inviting and comfortable. You will be able to make it way more attractive and functional if you put in a little bit of investment into improving the space.

Here are some reasons why you should plan to renovate the basement ceiling.

1. Create a Sharper, Brighter Room

When you hire a professional remodeling team to renovate the basement ceiling, you are ensuring that you will be creating a polished, sharper look overall. The ceiling should be covered with tiles or drywall in a lighter color. This can make the space seem brighter since the light colors will reflect light better.

2. Divide the Basement into Different Areas

With proper trims and finishes, you can divide the basement into different areas. The basement can be divided into a mini kitchen, gym, bar, lounge, or workstation. With a trayed ceiling feature, you will have an elegant way to dress your basement up. Using different colors on the ceiling for different sections can help you separate the sections of the basement.

3. Stopping Cobwebs and Dust Build Up

If you often get the feeling that the basement ceiling is accumulating a lot of debris or dust build-up, you should definitely do something about it. You don’t want the cobwebs and dust falling on anyone. By adding tiles or sturdy drywall to the ceiling, it can give you better protection and help finish up the space.

4. Improved Soundproof of the Basement

The basement remodeling company will be able to install soundproofing or insulation when they revamp your basement ceiling. This can increase privacy while you are in the basement. Your basement will not look perfect but also add better sound absorption.

Types of Basement Ceiling Finishing

There are a lot of options that you can turn when you renovate the basement ceiling. Let’s take a look at the styles you can get for the ceiling.

  • The conventional ceiling is quite popular and is just simple drywall that is painted white. The simplicity of the design is the perfect backdrop for elegant designer accents like window trims and light fixtures.
  • Suspended ceilings are tiled. They are an affordable option that offer quick installation and a finished look. There are stone wool and fiberboard tiles that you will find come in a huge variety of styles and shapes.
  • Urban/industrial ceilings are perfect for homeowners who like exposed ductwork and beams. You can also paint the beams or the underside white or black as a finishing touch.
  • Rustic beams on the ceiling, when exposed, can look great. You can add plaster or drywall to create a more rustic effect or opt for false wood beams too.
  • Tray ceilings are rectangular insets that have framed sides. It offers elegance to basements that have a higher ceiling.
  • Coffered ceilings have an elegant effect and are more ornate in nature. These decorative beams have a squared pattern that looks great on the ceiling of the basement.

Salt Basement Finishing offers amazing renovating services that can be a great option for homeowners who are looking to improve their basement.