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Keeping Your Finished Basement in Top Shape

Getting your basement finished isn’t cheap. Basement finishing and remodeling is one of the most expensive home improvement projects. However, as much as it’s costly, it’s every bit worth it. With basement finishing, you can expand your living space. It also gives the value of your property a considerable boost. If you ask us if basement finishing and remodeling is worth it, we would say it most definitely is!

However, you need to take care of your finished basement actively to ensure it stays as good as new. You certainly wouldn’t want all your investment to go down the drain simply because you weren’t taking good care of it.

Your basement is more prone to damage than the rest of your house so you have to stay on top of its maintenance to make sure it doesn’t get damaged or ruined.

Read this blog post for finished basement maintenance tips that will help you keep your finished basement in top shape.

Make Sure the Slope of Drainage is Away from the House

Any water that pools near the foundation of your property will seep into the basement and cause severe water damage in the basement. Water damages are some of the most expensive damages to repair. One of the most important finished basement maintenance tips is to make sure that the slope of the drainage outside your house is away from the foundation. Any water that falls from the gutters or from watering the plants in the yard shouldn’t pool near the foundation but should flow out and away.

Insulate All the Pipes in the Basement

Most of the water pipes flow through the basement. If any hot or cold water pipes are running through the basement, the temperature difference can cause condensation. Moisture from condensation can lead to mold growth. One way to prevent that from happening is to insulate all the pipes to make sure no moisture leaks into the basement walls.

Paint the Walls with Water-Resistant Paint

No matter how careful you are, there will be some humidity in the basement due to a lack of ventilation. What you can do to make sure the humidity doesn’t damage your finished basement is to paint the walls with water-resistant paint. This type of paint repels any moisture and prevents it from building up in the walls.

Don’t Dry Wet Clothes in the Basement

A lot of people use their basements as a washing area, and that’s okay as long as you aren’t drying your clothes in the basement. Water from wet clothes will evaporate and make the basement humid that can lead to mold growth and other moisture-related basement damages.

Make Sure the Windows are Sealed

You should be sure that the basement windows are sealed at all times. Windows can be a gateway for dust, dirt, and the worst – water and moisture. Keep the windows closed, no matter how tempted you feel to open them. If ventilation is a concern, you can always install exhaust fans in the basement.

Finished basement maintenance is critical to keeping it in top shape. You need to take care of your finished basement actively. Any negligence will cost you the newly finished basement that you love so dearly.