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How to Light Up Your Basement the Right Way

A basement doesn’t receive natural light like the rest of your house. There aren’t any windows. Even if there are any, they’re too small and close to the house’s foundation that they can’t really light up your basement. One of the most important aspects of basement finishing is choosing the right lighting.

You’ll be amazed at how the right lighting can make your basement look. If you choose the right lights, your basement will look bigger, spacious, welcoming, and everything that you want it to be, while the wrong selection of lighting can do all the opposite.

So, if you’re planning to opt for basement finishing, you might want to look at some tips that’ll help you add the right lights to your basement. You certainly wouldn’t want your new basement to look dull and smaller than it really is.

Let’s see how you can light up your basement the right way.

Allow as Much Natural Light as You Possibly Can

Not many basements have large windows that can make way for natural light. If there are any windows in your basement, be they big or small, try not to cover them with blinds and curtains. Let them be as they are. Natural light looks the best, and it shouldn’t be stopped from lighting up your basement. With even a little natural light coming into your basement, you’ll only need additional lights to enhance the lighting.

Add Just the Right Amount of Artificial Lighting

You need to add sufficient artificial lighting to make sure your basement doesn’t appear dark at night. The best types of lights for your basement are wall scones and chandeliers that’ll light up the basement well. However, if the light from these sources feels too harsh on your eyes, installing dimmers is a wise thing to do if you want to tone down the brightness.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting will make your basement look warm and sophisticated. Adding accent lighting is an excellent way to balance the harshness of bright artificial lighting. Accent lighting highlights any pieces of artwork that you’ve displayed in your basement, or it simply accentuates any part of your basement. You should consider adding accent lights to the part of your basement that you want to enhance and highlight to make the area look more welcoming.

Choose the Right Type of Lights

You may have never thought about it, but the type of light bulbs you use can have an effect on how bright or dull your basement will look. As a matter of fact, not all lights light up the basement equally well. For example, incandescent lights will make the area look warm and sober, whereas LED lights will make your basement look bright and open.

Basement finishing isn’t just about adding the right floors and painting the walls the right color. The lighting has a major impact on the final look. If you’re planning a basement finishing project, you should get in touch with the best basement remodelers to make sure every aspect of basement finishing, including the lighting, is well-covered.