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How to Control a Basement Pest Infestation

Basement renovation is the latest trend in the interior designing industry. Almost every other homeowner is getting their basement remodeled. This is a good thing, of course. For years, people have treated their basement as a storage unit, barely maintaining it. You might be thinking that we are dedicating this article to say something about the benefits of a basement makeover, but that’s not the case.

There is something more important that people should know when it comes to the regular maintenance of the basement – bug infestation. And while bug infestation can happen anywhere in the house – bed bugs in the bathroom, termites in the garage, etc., the basement is inherently a good home for all kinds of bugs. This is because basements are usually dark and have a great amount of moisture – two things that provide a perfect home to all kinds of insects. This cozy environment is what the insects to spend their lazy winter. After the season-long hibernation, these insects normally come out in large numbers during the springtime.

The influx of these insects makes it impossible for you to use your basement without getting bitten by these crawling insects. If you are among those people who are fed up with bug infestation, we have some tips for you that can ensure that your house remains pest-free. Follow these tips and get rid of these unwelcome and unwanted guests who have encroached upon your house.

Tips for Avoiding Bug Infestation

1. Clean Basement Floors Regularly

As discussed above, basements are perhaps the most neglected part of every house. You rarely think about cleaning the unit. This is why the basement is a perfect place for insects who continue to live there peacefully. Now that you know that a basement is a kind of a breeding ground for insects, it is important if you get it cleaned regularly. If the entire floor of the basement is carpeted, it is best to get it thoroughly vacuumed or shampooed by a professional company. In this way, you will prevent a possible bug infestation in your house.

2. Store Firewood Outdoors

A large number of people think that there is nothing harm in storing firewoods in the winter. After all, it allows them to avoid going out in cold winter to fetch the woods from the backyard. However, these woods provide the perfect medium for some stubborn insects to enter into your home and hibernate throughout the winter in your basement. So, don’t think about storing the firewoods in your house and store them at a place at least three feet away from your house.

3. Keep the Food Out of the Basement

You were eating from a bag of chip while sitting in your basement. You heard the doorbell and you left the bag on the table. Then, you completely forgot about the unfinished bag of chips. This leftover attracts the bugs that multiply at a fast rate, leaving you with the problem of a terrible bug infestation.


Bug infested basement rooms don’t allow you to make the most of an important part of your house. The best way is to carry out steps that can help you keep your basement insects-free.