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Four Things You Should Never Keep in Your Basement

The best part about owning a house is the abundance of storage space that you get. Instead of stuffing a single closet with all your belongings, you can spread them out and arrange them in different rooms. In fact, you can even hide them strategically so that your belongings are never in plain sight! Whether it is an attic or basement, take full advantage of the excess space.

However, before you go running off with suitcases of your belongings, keep in mind that there are some things you should never keep in your basement:

1. Books

We all know that basements contain a lot of moisture. This is mostly because of how humid they can get. Moreover, basements are prone to flooding even with the slightest rain. Mold, mildew, and water damage are common in most basements.

This is why it is important to never store important bits of paper here. Keep books out of the basement. Moreover, keep in mind that bugs and pests are attracted to the binding of books, so it is best to store them on a shelf in your room, study room, or library. If you want to convert your basement into a library, you must make sure that the space is properly furnished.

2. Family Albums and Keepsakes

Just like humidity can completely wreck books, it can also wreck family photos and memories that you keep close to your heart. We understand that albums are usually extremely heavy and often take up loads of space. However, basements are the worst place to keep them.

Because of the moisture, pictures can start to stick together. This gives birth to mold, destroying the quality of the photographs. Moreover, keepsakes should not be kept in the basement either, as once they get damaged by water, there is no going back.

3. Wood and Wooden Furniture

Everyone has random bits of furniture in their homes that they no longer use. However, out of the things you should never keep in your basement, furniture is on the top of the list.

Due to the presence of moisture in the basement, wood can start to get damaged. In fact, if the furniture is not properly wrapped in plastic, it can also crack, and the paint can wear off. Dealing with wood rot is the first, especially if your basement is full of antique furniture that once meant a lot to you.

4. Rugs

Did you know that rolled-up rugs should never be kept in the basement? It’s true! Mice, bugs, pests, and rats usually find their way into the basement because of the rugs that are stored there. Remember, these pests just need a warm place to hide.

The humidity present in the basement can also cause mold to form on the rug. Leaving these discarded rugs on the floor is not an option either, as rugs naturally attract moisture. Over time, this will also lead to the formation of mold.

Be smart, be safe!