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Painting Your Finished Basement Right

If you’re planning to get your basement remodeled, you’re in for a great many benefits. From an expansion of your living space to a boost in your property’s value, a finished basement can offer a lot. However, simply installing new floors, ceilings, and drywall isn’t enough when getting your basement finished. You need to make sure that the newly finished basement doesn’t look incomplete. And the only way to ensure this is by painting your basement properly.

However, painting your basement right isn’t as easy as painting the rest of your house. Since there’s no inflow of natural light, and basements are usually dull and dark, the choice of the right color can be tough. Some colors may make your basement look smaller and darker, while some can be a complete visual turn-off.

If you’re planning to get your basement painted, this blog post will help you pick the right color for your basement that’ll enhance the overall look of your newly finished basement.

Dealing with Low Light in Basement

As we mentioned above, basements don’t usually receive a lot of sunlight, which is why choosing the right color of paint is difficult. However, there’s a simple solution to this problem. You should opt for bright and saturated colors for your basement to cancel out the basement’s low light levels and dull appearance. You can paint all or one of the walls in a bright and attractive color to create an eye-catching focal point.

Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Basement

Let’s get to the more important part of the discussion: choosing the right paint color. Let’s see what options you’ve got.


Many people opt to paint their basement walls in brown color. Brown is a great color for basements. It’s neutral and rich. It adds warmth to your basement and makes it look cozy and welcoming. You can pair it with natural wood accents or white trim.


You can choose to paint the walls of your basement a shade of blue – dark or medium, whatever you like more. Blue shades make a living space look calm and pristine. You’ll feel your spirits lifting almost immediately as you step into a basement that’s painted a shade of blue. The best shade to paint your basement in is navy blue, which makes your basement look every bit elegant, warm, and calming.


Another popular basement color choice is gray – for all the right reasons. It’s sophisticated and classy, just how you would want your newly finished basement to look. The best thing about gray paint is that it’s versatile. Kit goes well with both neutral and brightly colored furnishings.


You can never go wrong with white. It can brighten up your basement, unlike any other color. It’ll make your basement appear bigger and brighter and a lot more spacious than it actually is. However, it can look plain and boring alone. If you want to make your basement stand out, you’ll have to pair it up with brightly colored furnishings and decorative elements. A pop of color against white walls in the basement will look truly refreshing!

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the color they want their basement in. Just remember that painting the basement isn’t as straightforward as the rest of your house. It’s best if you hire the best basement remodeling professionals and have them tell you what color will suit your basement the most.