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Basement Playroom For Kids – All You Need to Know

Gone are the days when kids couldn’t wait to rush outdoors and play games with their neighborhood friends. Nowadays, they’re more fond of staying indoors. It has raised certain challenges for parents. The parents have to think of ways to make enough space in their homes for kids to play around and do activities that they like. Not all houses have enough space to dedicate an entire area for a kids’ playroom. However, if there’s a basement in your home, consider it a jackpot!

You can transform your basement into a dedicate playroom for your kids. The basement is ideal for this as all the noise that kids make won’t disturb you upstairs. You can watch your favorite movies while your kids play ad paint downstairs. We’ve made a list of a few things that you should consider before remodeling your basement into a kids’ playroom.

1. Get the Basic Checks Done

A basement isn’t made to serve as a functional space. You’ve got to make it into one. Before you can move ahead with your plans, you’ve to get the basic checks done. You’ve to ensure that there are no water leakages or other plumbing problems. You also have to make your basement well-insulated so that the temperatures can be maintained when the outdoor temperatures touch extremes. You also have to arrange for an emergency exit to mark your basement safe in case of emergencies. Once you’re past the basic checks, you can start the actual work!

2. Include a Small Adult Space

You can’t leave your kids unattended for good. You might want to be around, if not with them, while they’re playing on their own. So, you should consider including a small adult space in the basement along with a basement playroom for kids. It could be a laundry area, a small workstation, or a fitness room – anything that allows them to be around without actually having to snoop around.

3. Include Fun Elements

The finished basement shouldn’t look like a regular living space with some of your kids’ playthings lying around. Your kids deserve to enjoy the vibe of a dedicated playroom. Include slides and castles to the basement along with a study table and bean bag. The kids should feel like it’s their space which is only possible if you keep the basic theme as such. Don’t forget to add the fun elements while ensuring that safety stays intact. Otherwise, a basement will be just like any other part of the room for the kids.

4. Carpet the Floors and Walls

Since your kids wouldn’t want you to stick around in their playroom, you’ve got to make sure they don’t get hurt while you’re busy upstairs. The floors should be fully carpeted and so should be the walls. You can add carpet tiles to your walls to make sure your kids don’t bump into the walls and hurt themselves.


A dedicate playroom for kids is like a dream come true for your kids. If you can’t dedicate a room in the house, surprise them with an entire space that’s all theirs. And what better option than the forgotten basement?