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3 Benefits of Having a Laundry Area in Your Basement

Doing laundry is something not many people are fond of. This is one of the primary reasons why people don’t pay any heed to creating a designated, well-maintained laundry area. Not having a proper washing area, in turn, is the reason why not many people enjoy this chore. In short, having a proper laundry area … Read more

How Can a Finished Basement Add Value to Your Property?

Did you know the damp and dark basements that lay undisturbed beneath your living area can add exceptional value to your property? If you have turned your basement into a storage shack like most other the people, it’s time that you consider turning the tables around. A well-finished and a well-maintained basement can increase the … Read more

Basement Finishing Tips That You Shouldn’t Miss

Most of the time, basements are treated more like a storeroom, crammed with boxes and items that are no more in use. Little do people realize that basements hold a lot of potential, and with just a little attention and investment, they can be transformed into the most popular spot in the entire house! If … Read more

How to Control a Basement Pest Infestation

Basement renovation is the latest trend in the interior designing industry. Almost every other homeowner is getting their basement remodeled. This is a good thing, of course. For years, people have treated their basement as a storage unit, barely maintaining it. You might be thinking that we are dedicating this article to say something about the … Read more

Turn Your Basement into a Dog Room

You might have read hundreds of home-planning guides to find out how you can put your basement in good use. There is no denying that the basement is the most neglected parts of the house, with homeowners failing to make the most of the area. This is why, in many households, a basement is treated as … Read more

Tips for Renovating Basement

Homeowners, these days, are actively finding a way to turn their basements into a livable space. While many are in favor of remodeling only because they want to list their room on rent, some are interested in having additional space in their house. Whatever the reason is for this remodeling, we’re happy that people are … Read more

How A Finished Basement Adds Value to Your Property?

Basement is often an area of the house that is not given much attention. It is generally perceived as a dull, dark, and a moist place. However, finishing your basement can increase the property of your value by several folds. You read that right. Finishing your basement and transforming it into a space that is … Read more

Basement Finishing Cost Management Tips – Where to Splurge and Where to Save?

Finished basement

Basement finishing and remodeling can cost very high if you don’t set out your priorities during the planning phase. This is particularly important for homeowners who want to convert their unfinished and boring basements into an aesthetically appealing functional space, but also want to stay within a certain budget. Knowing where to splurge and what areas … Read more

Should I Have an Open Basement Stairwell?

THAT is the question! Are you thinking about finishing your basement? If so, you may have pondered the age old question whether or not to remove the door at the bottom of the stairs. The door is typically added as a code requirement to separate the finished from the unfinished space. About 50% of our … Read more